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The World Before Christ: An LDS Perspective, Volume 2

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The World Before Christ: An LDS Perspective, Volume 2

by Dan P. Hunter


Quick Overview

Living History brings historical events alive as you follow the same teaching methods Christ used in teaching principles through story telling.

World Before Christ Volume 2 - See Preview

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    World Before Christ Volume 2 - See Preview

    Presenting a total of nine volumes of history in an easy-to-teach format, Living History makes teaching history as easy as telling a story. The World Before Christ, an LDS Perspective is a 3-volume historical account covering the period from 4000 B.C. to the birth of Jesus Christ. Each volume contains nine periods of time called Epochs with stories built around a key date, a key person, and a key event – the most effective way to tie history together in an easy-to-learn format. The program is designed to spend two weeks covering the material in each Epoch, so you will complete one volume in 18 weeks, or half of a school year.

    Volume 2 – Comprised of 363 pages and 21 historical maps. 81/2 x 11

    Epoch 1 – 4000 B.C. - 2344 B.C.
    Cain & Abel, The Age of the Patriarchs, Noah and the Great Flood

    Epoch 2 – 2344 B.C. - 1900 B.C.
    Tower of Babel, Mesopotamia, The Land of Canaan, Isaac, early Mediterranean, Departure of the Jaredites

    Epoch 3 – 1900 B.C. - 1570 B.C.
    Israel Blesses His Sons, The Prophecies of Joseph, Writings of Joseph Discovered in Egypt

    Epoch 4 – 1570 B.C. - 1095 B.C.
    Law of Moses (Ten Commandments, Carnal Commandments, Laws of Purification & the Feasts.)

    Epoch 5 – 1095 B.C. - 800 B.C.
    The Life of King David, King Solomon, The Temple

    Epoch 6 – 800 B.C. - 587 B.C.
    The Babylonian Empire, Job, The Prophets Isaiah, & Amos, Jonah

    Epoch 7 – 587 B.C. - 400 B.C.
    The Persian Empire, Cuneiform, The Prophets Ezekiel & Malachi

    Epoch 8 – 400 B.C. - 175 B.C.
    Plato, Aristotle, Greek Mythology, Socrates, Pericles, The Peloponnesian Wars

    Epoch 9 – 175 B.C. - 0 B.C.
    Julius Caesar, The Roman Empire, Marc Anthony, Cleopatra, Pompey, Germanic Europe

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    ISBN No
    Author Dan P. Hunter
    Age Group 12+
    Book Type paperback

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