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United States History: An LDS Perspective, Volume 1

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United States History: An LDS Perspective, Volume 1

by Dan P. Hunter


Quick Overview

United States History Volume 1 - See Preview

Living History brings historical events alive as you follow the same teaching methods Christ used in teaching principles through story telling.
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    United States History Volume 1

    Presenting a total of nine volumes of history in an easy-to teach format, Living History makes teaching history as easy as telling a story. United States History, an LDS Perspective is a 2-volume historical account covering the period from the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, to the present. Each volume contains nine periods of time called Epochs with stories built around a key date, a key person, and a key event; the most effective way to tie history together in an easy-to-learn format. The program is designed to spend one month covering the material in each Epoch, so you will complete one volume each year.

    Volume 1 – (2 book set) Comprised of 634 pages and 41 historical maps. 81/2 x 11

    Epoch 1 – 1215 - 1603
    The Magna Carta, Ruler's Law vs People's Law, The Reformation, Henry VIII, The Church of England, Bloody Mary, Good Queen Bess, Protestantism

    Epoch 2 – 1603 - 1763
    King James I, Founding of Jamestown, The Puritans, The Pilgrims, The Mayflower Compact, Founding the Thirteen Colonies

    Epoch 3 – 1763 - 1789
    Causes of American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, The Founding Fathers

    Epoch 4 – 1789 - 1830
    The Bill of Rights, Amendment 11, The Early Administrations, The War of 1812, The National Anthem, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams

    Epoch 5 – 1830 - 1850
    The Oregon Trail, The Alamo, The Mexican War, Indian Wars, Utopian Societies, The Gold Rush, The Westward Movement, The Telegraph, Morse Code

    Epoch 6 – 1850 - 1901
    Abraham Lincoln, The Missouri Compromise, The Civil War, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Amendments 13-15

    Epoch 7 – 1901 - 1941
    The Progressive Era, The Automobile, Monopolies, Andrew Carnegie, John Morgan, John Rockefeller, World War I, The Wright Brothers, Amendments 16 - 17

    Epoch 8 – 1941 - 1963
    The Second World War - Pacific Theater only

    Epoch 9 – 1963 - to Present
    Religious Movements, Rock Music, Space Exploration, The Civil Rights Movement, The Vietnam War, Watergate, Amendments 24-26

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    ISBN No
    Author Dan P. Hunter
    Age Group 12+
    Book Type paperback

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