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  1. An Inspiration A Day (2007)

    An Inspiration A Day (2007)

    by Rhanda H. Todd

    "An Inspiration A Day" is not your ordinary thought book, as the illustrations by Brent Kirby bring these inspirations to life. You will find some of these inspirations are serious, some make you laugh, and some are thought provoking. Thoughts for all of your different moods. .
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  2. Diet Decisions for Latter-day Saints (1999)

    Diet Decisions for Latter-day Saints (1999)

    by Joyce Kinmont

    “So I write. It’s the best tool I have for warning my children and anyone else who will listen. I write without any special credentials – just me, a mom, hoping that you’ll see things you’ve never noticed before, that you’ll question things you’ve automatically accepted before, that you will ask your Heavenly Father to open up truths you’ve never asked about before. It’s my desire to encourage you, to influence you, to BEG you to take seriously the Lord’s instructions to us in the Word of Wisdom and the scientific findings of our day that support it.” (Introduction to Diet Decisions)
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  3. Our Home - vol. 1 & 2 (1889)

    Our Home - vol. 1 & 2 (1889)

    by C. E. Sargent

    This book was written to help parents become what the Lord wants them to be. All aspects of home life are covered, with examples and ideas of how to establish the kind of home the Lord expects of us.
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  4. Pilgrim's Progress (1933)

    Pilgrim's Progress (1933)

    by John Bunyan

    John Bunyan instructs each new generation of Christians with his insight into the spiritual journey in the faith we all must walk.
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  5. Raising A New Generation of Patriots (2013)

    Raising A New Generation of Patriots (2013)

    by Marlene Peterson, Tammy Hulse, Kimberlly Fletcher

    Fear is increasing in America. We fear for our nation; we fear for our children's future. Our economy is teetering. Terrorism is a constant threat. Our education system is failing. Our classrooms are no longer safe. And in the middle of it all, our freedom is slipping away. How do you hold back an avalanche? Raising A New Generation of Patriots is a short, easy read with a profound message - there's no place like home to restore hope in America!
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  6. Spiritual Therapy (2004)

    Spiritual Therapy (2004)

    by Jim Shelton, L.C.S.W.

    "It's about time that we had someone like Jim Shelton who has done his homework in training and practice for almost thirty years in psychotherapy offer a fresh, candid and authoritative account of the role of spirituality in counseling."
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6 Item(s)

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